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Genetic Genealogy for adoptees and unknown parentage

Our genetic genealogy service for adoptees is a specialized service that aims to help those adopted to uncover information about their biological ancestry and connect with their biological relatives. These services utilize genetic testing and analysis techniques to provide adoptees with insights into their family history, heritage, and potential biological relatives.


Our Process

1.      Genetic Testing: The adoptee will provide a DNA sample, usually through a saliva or cheek swab, which is then sent to a genetic testing service for genetic analysis specifically for genealogy purposes.  Some popular options include AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, and FamilyTreeDNA. These labs extract the DNA from the sample and analyze specific markers or segments of the adoptee's genome.  If an adoptee has already taken a direct-to-consumer test, the adoptee will provide us with access to those results for analysis.

2.      DNA Matching: The genetic data obtained from the adoptee is compared against a database of other individuals who have also taken the same genetic test or have provided their DNA samples to the service. The database contains genetic information from people who are looking for biological relatives, including birth parents, siblings, or other close relatives.

3.      Family Matching: After a few weeks, you will typically receive your DNA results. These results usually include an ethnicity estimate, which provides insights into your genetic heritage, and a list of genetic matches—individuals who share significant amounts of DNA with you. (e.g., cousin, half-sibling, etc.).

4.      Genetic Genealogy Research:  By combining genetic matches with traditional genealogical research techniques of examining historical records, census data, and public databases, we can uncover more information about your biological ancestors, trace your family lines, and understand your heritage in greater detail.

5.      Share the Findings: We summarize our genetic genealogy findings in a clear and concise report. We begin with any significant discoveries, such as the identification of potential birth parents, siblings, or close relatives. Depending on the extent of the information available, we provide details such as names, locations, or any other relevant data that can help the adoptee understand their biological connections.  The report will serve as a valuable reference and guide for the adoptee as they continue their journey of discovering their birth family and heritage.

Confidentiality and Privacy: QuestDNA understands the importance of confidentiality and privacy in adoption searches. We respect the wishes and boundaries of both the adoptee and the potential birth family members. We work to ensure that sensitive information is handled discreetly, and that communication is conducted with consent and consideration for all parties involved.

Are you an adoptee? Or looking for biological family members?
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